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Informative articles about cybersecurity and data protection as well as current press releases of Bare.ID GmbH. Stay up to date on how the market is developing and how you can optimize your cybersecurity.

Social Engineering

People as a vulnerability: Why social engineering is so successful

The danger of social engineering - Why is this form of attack so successful and how can companies protect themselves?

Passwort-Manager vs Single Sign-On

Password manager vs. single sign-on: finding the right solution

The advantages and disadvantages of the two tools in terms of secure login processes and user-friendliness.

Digitales Gesundheitswesen

Digital healthcare: Security vs usability?

A decision between security & usability? How the factors security and usability influence each other in digital healthcare.

Schwachstelle Passwort

Multi-use passwords as a risk factor

Password vulnerability: According to a survey, 64% of employees use their passwords more than once

Zero Trust

Federal government pushes zero-trust architecture

In response to the increasingly critical cybersecurity situation, the Department of the Interior advocates a gradual evolution toward zero-trust architecture


Secunet Partnership

Bare.ID and secunet present a new total solution for more security in login and authentication processes

Bare.ID vs Auth0

Comparison Auth0 vs. Bare.ID - the Auth0 Alternative

Which SaaS provider is right for my use case in the context of German security requirements?

Comparison Cidaas vs. Bare.ID - the Cidaas Alternative

Digital sovereignty in IAM: The two leading German SaaS providers Cidaas and Bare.ID in comparison

Keycloak vs. Bare.ID comparison - the Keycloak alternative

Keycloak in-house or as a managed service? The open source standard compared with the SaaS solution Bare.ID

Foundation of Bare.ID GmbH

Bundling of competencies in the cybersecurity sector: AOE founds Bare.ID

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