Gain a complete overview of the Cloud IAM Solution

Say goodbye to insecure and cumbersome login and authentication processes with Bare.ID Cloud IAM. Your solution for effortlessly mastering the balancing act between security, user-friendliness, and data protection.

Choose the Right Multi-Factor Authentication to Suit Your Needs

  • Select from a wide range of integrated modern authentication methods, from OTP procedures to highly secure hardware tokens following WebAuthN standards, as well as innovative passwordless login options
  • Stay safe and flexible with our user-friendly multi-factor authentication, which can be easily activated on-demand for all users via the Bare.ID admin interface
  • Effectively combat social engineering and phishing attacks, leaving no room for identity theft

Convenient access for your users via single sign-on

  • Our user-friendly Single Sign-On allows authorized users seamless access to all necessary connected applications
  • Role-Based Application Access controls and governs application access right from the login process
  • Built on secure standard protocols such as OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, SAML, and others

Modern User Management tailored to your needs

  • Manage users centrally and flexibly via Bare.ID's local user directory or through connected external sources
  • Experience lightning-fast management of all access permissions as well as the revocation of accounts & authorizations via the Bare.ID admin interface
  • Implement individually definable security measures such as password policies and multi-factor authentication

Maintain complete oversight over all processes at all times

  • View all digital identities, applications, and accesses at a glance in the Bare.ID admin interface
  • Comprehensive overview of all access permissions, including the basis for authorization
  • Achieve full transparency and be optimally prepared for reporting & audits, thanks to role-based access control, audit logs, and event alerts

The flexible all-in-one solution for secure login

High availability

Operated by DevOps experts, we rely on multi-node operation, guarantee 99.9% availability, and can offer our solution in compliance with CRITIS regulations through geo-redundancy.

User directory

Whether local Bare.ID user directory, your Active Directory, external identity providers or Rest APIs, you determine your source for users and rights.

Application Gallery

Easily connect applications for authentication with our preconfigured application gallery. Are you missing a required application? We integrate it quickly and free of charge.


We offer secure encryption with Let's Ecnrypt certificates. Alternatively, there is also the possibility to upload your own TLS certificates.

No vendor lock-in

Full Flexibility to Ensure Easy Vendor Switching. We use the open-source IAM framework Keycloak at the core, thereby enabling simple data portability.

White label

If needed, you can easily hide who is hosting the login with our white-label templates. Configure your user interface, emails, and SMS easily by yourself.

Security and sovereignty for your data

German data sovereignty, German legal jurisdiction, and adherence to the strictest compliance & GDPR guidelines are the DNA of our solution. With Bare.ID, you are on the safe side when it comes to protecting your data from unauthorized access and complying with European or German regulations.

Made in Germany

Hosting, development, and operations are carried out exclusively in and from Germany. All partners involved in service delivery also operate according to the highest security standards and exclusively within the territory of Germany.

Digital sovereignty

Your data never reaches third countries, and in addition to the production location, legal control also remains in Germany at all times. Use Bare.ID with peace of mind, as it is 100% GDPR-compliant and even meets CRITIS guidelines.


Bare.ID complies with BSI guidelines as well as industry-specific and legal requirements. The standard configuration is inherently compliant and therefore also usable in highly regulated industries.


Applications Gallery

Compatible with all your required applications

Save yourself the technical overhead: With our pre-configured application gallery, you can easily connect all the applications you need with just a few clicks. Is a solution missing? No problem, Bare.ID support will quickly and freely integrate any additional required applications, sparing you the hassle of further integration efforts. BusinessDropboxAtlassian ConfluenceSalesforceTYPO3DracoonGoogle WorkspaceZEP

The perfect fit for your industry

Thanks to our standard configuration, set up to be compliant with legal security requirements, Bare.ID can be securely implemented across various industries. This makes our solution the right choice even for heavily regulated sectors with specialized requirements.



The ideal security solution for hospitals, health insurance companies and associations.

The daily grind in the digitized healthcare sector often involves little time and the use of numerous different platforms. This frequently leads to short or even shared passwords and unsecured screens, all while managing highly sensitive data. To prevent unauthorized data access, the login process must be both secure and streamlined—something Bare.ID facilitates through centralized Single Sign-On. For insurance companies currently facing the challenge of managing digital identities in the healthcare sector according to TI 2.0 standards, we serve as a sectoral IDP.

Discover more about how our centralized cloud solution can simplify your day-to-day operations while maintaining high user acceptance.

Öffentlicher Sektor

Public sector

Managing a Wealth of Data Requires Elevated Security Responsibility

In the public sector, the task of user management comes with the oversight of a vast array of sensitive information, often with a comparatively limited security budget. This makes having a centralized system for controlling access and managing digital identities crucial for upholding data protection standards. Traditional on-site setups and licensed software often lead to elevated costs and require significant effort for operation and maintenance.

With Bare.ID, you consolidate all your users and applications under one unified administrative dashboard, taking advantage of a holistic approach to Identity and Access Management (IAM). Our solution not only ensures GDPR compliance but is also robust enough to withstand the strictest of critical infrastructure regulations.

Banken & Versicherungen

Banks & Insurances

High demands on cybersecurity when handling sensitive data.

As the financial industry undergoes digital transformation, cybersecurity stands as one of its most significant challenges. Strict regulations necessitate robust IT systems to ensure both data protection and compliance with security requirements, all while minimizing the impact of cyberattacks. Meet the governance standards for information security and cloud computing with a centralized Identity and Access Management solution.

Our SaaS offering, Bare.ID, provides dynamic risk detection, robust password policies, and multiple strong authentication options. This ensures the security of your daily operations and also offers a comprehensive view of all roles and access permissions.



IT security as a decisive »enabling« factor for Industry 4.0

As industries become embedded in new, globalized value creation networks, they face complex challenges in IT security. The cross-organizational interconnectivity and processing of enormous volumes of data—which sometimes must meet especially high confidentiality requirements due to state laws—need to be both protected and dynamically accessible. To ensure digital identities are secure and uniquely defined, as well as to reliably and transparently assign permissions, identity management is imperative.

Bare.ID offers you the centralized user interface you need for overseeing and controlling identities and access permissions. Our integrated, highly secure multi-factor authentication options meet all your security requirements.



Meeting Rigorous IT Security Requirements as a CRITIS Operator

Security is a central concern in the overarching framework of information technology and telecommunications, a crucial sector in critical infrastructure. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) CRITIS Regulation mandates providers to secure their internal information technology optimally and in accordance with industry-specific standards. For secure authentication, the federal government recommends identity and rights management, multi-factor authentication, access control, and role separation.

With Bare.ID as your comprehensive Identity and Access Management solution, you close critical security gaps and meet all compliance requirements. Our years of collaboration with telecommunications providers have made us industry experts. Our SaaS solution is consistently updated to comply with the latest regulations, all without any additional effort on your part.

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