Trend Study: The Relevance of IAM in the SME Environment

What role does an Identity and Access Management solution play in small and medium-sized businesses in Germany?

Steffen Ritter

Steffen Ritter

Management / Managing Director

[...] The study results suggest, rather, that the benefits and necessity of an IAM solution are indeed recognized, but they are consciously being "waited out." This is a risky stance that might even pose a threat to the business under certain circumstances. [...]

Strong Cybersecurity is More Crucial Than Ever

How German and medium-sized companies perceive the current threat landscape, the role of an IAM solution, and how to interpret the findings are discussed in the current IAM 2022 Trend Study.

Key Questions at a Glance

  • To what extent are SMEs in Germany aware of or affected by the dangers posed by unauthorized third-party access to their company's IT infrastructure?
  • Are SMEs in Germany familiar with the capabilities of a professional Identity and Access Management solution?
  • What advantages do SMEs in Germany associate with an IAM solution? And what application landscape must an IAM cater to?
  • What hurdles and obstacles impede SMEs in Germany from implementing and operating a professional Identity and Access Management solution?
  • How do companies assess the use of a cloud-based IAM solution?

Download the study

Now, learn more about the study results and their interpretation by Bare.ID founder Steffen Ritter (Study in German).

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